The Only Safe Way to Update Your Hardware Drivers on Windows

The action you want to take can be selected here. You can continueclicking 7 after selecting 6. Sorry, you must verify to complete this action. Please click the verification link in your email. Select Driver tab, this will list the Driver version.

  • Just as you should always keep your operating system and other programs updated, keeping your drivers updated also helps ensure optimal performance.
  • There, you can find all your device drivers, including your chipset driver.
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The premium version will update the drivers within instants. I have tried the usb driver downloaded from the sdk manager, the one from asus. I have tried changing the usb mode to PTP and I am still getting the the same message when I try to install the driver . You must install audio driver because in default driver sound is low, after installing audio driver it will give great performance. Choose the Driver you want to install and Click on « Next ». We recommend installing all the drivers listed one after anotherfollowing the above steps again.

Hardware and Software Drivers for your PC

However, the device will no longer function once the PC is restarted unless the drivers are reinstalled. Whenever we install a problematic driver and don’t have the option to roll it back to the previous version, we can only uninstall it. If you know how to uninstall driverscorrectly, you can also get rid of unused and old driver from your computer. Many bugs are resolveduninstalling the drivers first and then reinstalling them.

Here, you shall find the chipset drivers oficial site that you can download and install. Check the box next to the ones you want to install and then click Install. The chipset drivers are often also released through Windows Update for the Windows operating systems. However, they are often accompanied as an “optional feature” and not a mandatory one. Search for “device manager’ in windows and see there.

How do I uninstall unwanted drivers in Windows 10?

Besides, you must remove the iPod and Bonjour folder from the device. Some users experienced this iTune error after enabling the iPhone’s “Personal Hotspot”. When tethering is on, the mobile network is shared on the PC through USB. A slow mobile network can stop iTunes from connecting to the iPhone. Thus, disable the “Personal Hotspot” feature to avoid this problem.

Disable Suspected Troublemakers

I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction in diverse genres. Apart from that, I also have a habit of trying out most new games but never completing them. Click on System Preferences from the menu bar and selectErase All Contents and Settings. In the category view, look for Programs and selectUninstall a programunder it. Again right-click on it and chooseScan for hardware changes.